About Us

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We Transform People’s Passion to Performance

Evolve Consulting, LLC is a premier Raleigh, North Carolina based business management consulting firm. We help organizations excel by improving individual and business performance in leadership, operations, work processes, productivity, and business acumen. 

Our team of highly skilled professionals are passionate about developing performance excellence within organizations and human talent. We consult, coach, and train individuals to have laser breakthroughs to move beyond barriers to:

  • Improve individual and business performance
  • Impact Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Ignite, coach, and develop frontline leadership skills

Who we are…


Evolve Consulting, LLC® vision is to be a premier business management consulting firm globally.


The mission of Evolve Consulting, LLC® is to help organizations achieve performance goals to ensure success by providing excellent business management consulting solutions. We create shifts in performance management, organizational effectiveness, and operational excellence that save companies employees, customers, time, and money.

Operations Principles

To serve each and every customer with respect, engagement, professionalism and compassion while providing top-quality customer service delivery. We are dedicated to providing professional business consulting services and solutions utilizing best practices, benchmarking, and thought leadership with a focus on providing premier business management consulting solutions.

Core Values


People are the world’s greatest asset and they possess the talent necessary for organizations to grow, evolve, and sustain. We promise to treat every person we encounter with respect, professionalism, and compassion and always with a smile. We believe that people are the essence of every organization. We care deeply about people as ‘people really do make the world go around.’ 


Passion is our driving force as professionals who wish to help make a significance in the world and leave a mark of excellence. We have a strong desire to help people as a part of our life purpose or ‘calling’ to serve. We are authentic, collaborative, transformational, and servant in all we do. We are here to serve each of you with passion transparently, consistently, and professionally. Our service commitment is based on our compassion for the people we serve.


Performance excellence is the end result we wish to create for ourselves, for others, and for the organizations we support. We endeavor to conduct thorough research, identify opportunities for improvement, and to lead the way as subject matter experts. We promise to provide quality service delivery that have a favorable impact to our customer’s profitability, growth, and sustainability. 


Professionally we are highly skilled, qualified, and competent in our service areas. We engage in the lifelong pursuit of education, engagement, enrichment, and excellence in all we are, do, and become. We are intentional about how we evolve as individuals and collectively as a team of professional business management consultants. We value you, your business, and your organization as well as your mission. Let us help you save employees, customers, time and money!


 We transform people’s passion to performance.