Business Consulting

Transforming people’s passion to performance begins with understanding the individuals core energy; mindset; strengths; perspective; and just what is important to them. Pairing the right people with the appropriate tools, techniques, and training can make a world of difference in how they align to the organization’s strategic direction.

We custom-design our Business Management Consulting services and solutions. Each engagement is collaborative and starts with a smile, a promise, and a service delivery model specific to the individual and business need(s). We never use a one size fits all or make assumptions about what’s best for you and your business. We ask probing and thought provoking questions to help each and every customer identify the salient issues that should receive prioritized attention.

Business Management Consulting

Our business management consulting service delivery model is a collaborative partnership.  It is intentionally specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time driven (SMART). Our commitment is to meet the customer’s specific needs; and always with a smile. We consult with every customer to actively engage, strategize, and to understand exactly what is important to you. We aim to meet your needs and problem-solve.  Then, we develop an AIM SMART® Strategic Action Plan (SAP) with a focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience and outcome.

Training and Organization Effectiveness

Training and Organization Effectiveness

• Individual, Competency and Organizational Assessments

• Workforce Development and Job Readiness

• Leader Development

• Team Building

• Strategic Foresight & Planning

• Performance Management

• Employee Engagement

• Process Improvement

• Situational Leadership

• Personal & Professional Development

Culture, Diversity, and Workplace Inclusion

Culture, Diversity, and Workplace Inclusion

• Climate Assessments

• Organizational Interventions

• Culture Clashes and Post Merger Alignment

• Workplace Harassment Training

• Conflict and Dispute Resolution

• Generations Training

• Workplace Race Awareness

• Affinity and Employee Resource Group Facilitation

Leader Development

Leader Development & Talent Management

• Energy Leadership Index® Assessments

• Competency Assessments

• Personality Assessments and Feedback

• Strength Finders®  Assessments & Feedback

• Professional Development

• Leadership Development

• Inter-Personal Skills Development Training

• Business & Operations Management

• Performance Management

• Change Management

• Employee Development & Engagement

• Effective Communication and Public Speaking

• Oral Presentation and Pitch Development

• Business Operations and Modeling

• Standard Operations Procedures Development





We transform people’s passion to performance.